Wedding Information Form

I would be very grateful if you could fill out the form below. The information you provide on this form is used to assist me during your bridal trial, so we can create a fantastic makeup look together that you will be happy with. The information you provide is confidential and isn’t shared with anybody else.

Clare Flint MUA - Wedding Booking: Information Gathering Form
I will only use your mobile number if I need to contact you about your booking.
I'd love to know more about the wedding, as this feeds into the bridal trial and helps me to create a makeup look that will compliment the day. What colour is your dress? How are you having your hair? What type/style of wedding are you having?
If either yourself (or anybody having makeup applied by me) has sensitive skin, allergies or is taking medication for a skin complaint, please provide further information. Please make sure you give as much detail as possible.
For example, do you usually wear minimal makeup or do you like a more made-up look?
For example, do you always wear red lipstick or a winged liner?
Provide as much detail as you'd like!
For example, what colour are the dresses? What style are they?
For example, would you like them all to have a similar look that links in with the bridal makeup? Or do you have a specific look in mind that differs from the bridal makeup?
Please don't forget that you can email any pictures or web links you may have to me (for example if you have a picture of a makeup look you've seen).