Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all bookings and should be carefully read before you proceed. Please note that your booking cannot be finalised until:
a) You have read and signed my terms and conditions (if you go ahead with the booking you’ll receive a copy by email, which can be signed electronically on your phone, laptop or computer).
b) You have paid your deposit.
The person making the booking must ensure that any other guests in their party (who are having makeup applied by me) are also aware of any parts of these terms and conditions that may be applicable to them. PDF or printed copies can be made available on request.
1. Deposits & payments
  • A 50% deposit is payable to secure any booking of any size. All bookings are classed as provisional until a deposit has been paid. If your deposit has not been received within 3 days of requesting to book my services, I reserve the right to release the date to another client without warning.
  • Deposits are non-refundable. If you cancel the booking for any reason (or reduce the number of people that you originally booked for) the full deposit will be retained. This is because when a booking is finalised, I reserve that date for you and therefore turn down any other bookings for that same date.
  • Any person making a booking for 2 or more guests must act as the single point of contact for the booking. This is to avoid any confusion. The person making the booking must also take responsibility to ensure that any necessary payments are made for the whole party.
  • Final balances must be paid a minimum of 1 week (7 days) before the date of the booking. Payments should be made by bank transfer (BACS) or PayPal.
2. Allergies
  • It is the responsibility of the client to inform me in advance of any allergies that may be affected by the application of makeup, so that we can discuss any concerns before the day of the booking.
  • Whilst I do my best to work with clients to minimize issues with specific allergies and skin complaints, I cannot be held responsible for any reactions that may occur during or after the application of makeup.
3. Expectations on the day of the booking
  • All clients should have a freshly cleansed face, completely free of makeup or other products.
  • All clients should be ready to have makeup applied at the agreed time.
  • Clients who have not had a makeup trial in advance of the day should have a clear idea of what makeup look they would like (providing pictures or links to web images if necessary).
  • I am only able to work with and use makeup products in my own makeup kit. Therefore I am unable to use makeup products owned or supplied by the client unless discussed in advance.
  • Any person having makeup applied should not be under the influence of drugs or intoxicated with alcohol (i.e. they should not be drunk).
  • I reserve the right to leave a booking immediately if I feel threatened, intimidated or if I believe somebody is under the influence of drugs or intoxicated.
  • I am unable to apply full makeup to any client who has either an eye infection or a cold sore. This is to ensure that there is no cross contamination or spreading of the infection to either myself or other guests in the party. You MUST inform me as soon as possible if you have an eye infection or cold sore so that we can discuss this in advance of you having makeup applied.
4. Travel & Parking
  • Clients should inform me in advance if there are any parking charges or restrictions at the location of where I’ll be doing your makeup. Parking charges and toll charges are not included in my pricing and will be added to the final amount owed.
  • Due to the size and weight of my makeup kit I travel to all bookings by car. Should the location of the booking have no parking (either at the location itself or nearby) I may have to use a Taxi. This would be agreed in advance and any travel costs incurred would be added to the final amount owed.
  • If the location of your makeup trial is different to where I’ll be doing your makeup on the day of your wedding, please let me know in advance. My travel up to a total of 10 miles (from York city centre) is included with all bookings. Anything more than 10 miles will be charged at 70p per additional mile, and this is applicable to both the trial and on the day.
5. Trials
  • I allocate 2 hours for all bridal trials as standard, and this is more than sufficient for the vast majority of brides. Trials for other guests are not included as standard, but a 1.5 hour trial can be booked as a chargeable extra. If you require a longer trial, please discuss this with me in advance to obtain a quote.
  • The main aim of all trials (both bridal and non-bridal) is to ensure that we can discuss your requirements in detail, and so I can create a makeup look that you’ll be 100% happy with. Whilst I’m more than happy to make subtle changes to any pre-agreed looks on your big day, any major changes may require a 2nd trial, which would be chargeable.
6. Cancellations by me
  • I cannot be held responsible for factors outside of my control that may cause me to have to cancel a booking (for example illness, severe weather or a major incident).
  • I cannot be held responsible for factors that may cause me to be late to a booking (for example a car breakdown or a road closure due to an accident).
  • If I have to cancel a booking for any reason I will provide you with a full refund and I will try to find you an alternative professional makeup artist (if it’s feasible to do so in the timescales).
7 . Corona virus (Covid-19) temporary measures

These additional terms & conditions have been added in response to COVID and are extremely important in protecting the health & safety of both myself and any person having makeup applied. These additional terms will apply to all existing and future bookings until further notice:

  • Every client must wash or sanitise their hands before they sit down ready for me to apply makeup.
  • All clients must adhere to any government guidelines that are in place on the day of the booking.
  • Anybody displaying symptoms of COVID should not have their makeup applied.
  • Clients should be aware that bookings are likely to take longer than usual. This is because of the extra time required to complete any appropriate cleaning or sanitization of equipment, and for me to equip myself with any PPE required.
  • The person making the booking must share these T&C’s with everybody who is having makeup applied by me.

Terms & Conditions – last updated 01.01.24

(c) 2024 – Clare Flint Makeup – York