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Clare Flint Makeup – Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy explains what personal information is collected by Clare Flint Makeup, and why. Clare Flint is a sole trader, and is therefore the data controller of all information collected. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me in the first instance at the following email address:

[email protected]

What personal information does Clare Flint Makeup collect?

Clare Flint collects personal information from clients which may include: name, address, telephone number, email address and the date and location of your booking. This information is collected via Facebook messages, email and the contact form on my website. The website contact form simply generates an email which is then sent to my email address – the contact form itself is not stored anywhere.

How is this information used and why is collected?

The personal information collected is only ever used to enable me to reply to enquiries, provide quotes and take bookings. If you pay a deposit & make a booking with me, your name and the location/time of your booking will be written in my work diary on the relevant page. The personal information I ask for is not used for any other purpose. I do not sell your information or share it with anybody. I also do not use your personal information for marketing purposes (e.g. to add you to mailing lists or to send you newsletters). It is your right not to provide personal information to me, but please be aware that it will be very unlikely that I’ll be able to answer your query, provide a quote or take your booking if I do not have those details.

How does Clare Flint Makeup safeguard and protect your personal information?

Your personal information is only ever seen by me (Clare Flint) and all messages I receive can only be accessed by me. My smartphone is secured with Biometrics (fingerprint) and my laptop is secured with a password. My work diary is safely locked away when not in use, and only I have the key to access this.

How long is my personal information stored for?

Personal details which are received electronically via messages (Facebook messages, email and the contact form) are stored for a maximum of 90 days. Once your enquiry or booking is completed, I will automatically delete all messages and communication relating to the enquiry or booking within 90 days. This therefore deletes all of your personal details which are stored electronically within messages. My work diary is shredded at the end of each year.

Your rights

You have the right to ask me what personal information I hold about you, and you also have the right to ask me to delete this information (this is called “The right to be forgotten”). I am always happy to facilitate any requests. However, please note that if you make either of those requests after 90 days of the completion of your booking (or after 90 days of your enquiry being answered) I will not hold any electronic information, as it will already have been deleted due to my deletion schedule.


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